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Pam Johnson Voice Coach


Gain a more powerful voice. Speak more clearly and confidently.

It is possible to change the sound of your voice in one hour of coaching, whether you want it to sound more commanding or more beautiful.

Imagine knowing that you are truly being heard. Invest in your career so your voice makes the impact you want it to.

My training as a singer taught me how the voice works and I can teach you how to better use the instrument of your voice through proper posture, head position, breathing, and accessing the various parts of your voice. These techniques will make your voice more powerful and you will be heard more clearly.


My experience as a voiceover talent taught me that specific parts of the voice get a certain reaction from the listener. I will teach you how, when, and why to access those parts.

Group workshops for businesses and groups

Learn the basics of how the voice works and how to make it more powerful.

Individual coaching

Learn how your voice works, how, when and why to use the various registers of your voice, and how to speak more confidently and clearly.


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These videos will tell you more about what I can do for you

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How I work as your voice coach
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Stage fright? Use the rush.
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Get a voice Tune up
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Emotional Response
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