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About Pam Johnson

Pam Johnson
One-on-one coaching

Meet with me in person or via Zoom to learn how to use the instrument of your voice more effectively so you know you are being heard and getting your message across.


Group coaching for your business or group

An interactive workshop lasting about an hour will teach proper posture, abdominal breathing and how to access the various registers of the voice through a fun set of physical and vocal exercises.

This will teach the participants how to purposely re-position the voice to change its sound and how those different sounds affect

the listener.

I have been singing all my life, starting in church choir when I was five and beginning my serious vocal training when I was sixteen at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. I continued my musical and vocal studies in college, gaining a Bachelor of Music – Vocal Performance degree from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire.  Post-graduate work was done at Arizona State University.

One of the best jobs I have ever had was working as a

voice-over talent for commercials, educational videos and industrial videos.

As a voice coach, I have presented workshops to US Attorneys, GE Healthcare trainers, the Women's Business Council at SC Johnson, and the local chapter of ATD.

My individual clients have gained confidence and a more powerful voice.

On-air Talent

Individual coaching that will improve the power and clarity of the voice in the first hour. Follow up sessions will check on progress.


Gain a more powerful voice that will be heard easily and not be tired at the end of the day. Learn how to pitch your voice to get a specific response.


Be sure that your voice is the best it can be before giving your speech or presentation. I can help you sound more powerful and how to pitch your voice to get the response you want.

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