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On-Air Talent Coaching

The voice of your on-air talent can affect your ratings. Build on the skill of your journalists and help them develop a more powerful, nuanced voice that will hold the audience.


During a one-hour initial visit, I will have the opportunity to listen closely to their voice to assess where the voice is positioned. We will talk about what they want to improve about their voice and why. We will work on posture, breathing and vocal positioning exercises so they know how to better use the instrument of their voice, how to make it more powerful and how, when and why to place their voice in specific registers.

At least three half-hour sessions will be scheduled to follow up. 

I will also speak with the station's sound engineers and camera people to get additional input to help improve on-air presence.

Coaching will help your on-air talent:

  • Clearly convey the message 

  • Have a bigger, more powerful voice

  • Have a voice that will hold the audience

  • Gain confidence

  • Have a voice free of strain


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