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Michelle Wolf is my hero

I recently watched Michelle Wolf's HBO comedy special and absolutely loved it! She is my new feminist hero and gave a window into women's lives that was fantastic and really funny.

Her theory on why Hillary Clinton lost the election was because no one likes her - she's not a "nice lady", she's a b****. Michelle thinks you have to be a b**** to be that powerful.

What Michelle felt was unforgivable was the statement "I just can't listen to her - she has such a shrill voice". In her own inimitable voice, Michelle then said, "Sometimes that just happens to your voice. There's nothing you can do about it. You don't get to choose your voice."

What I want to tell Michelle is that there is something you can do about it if you want to. You can choose to have your voice sound different. Michelle's voice is great just the way it is and gives her comedy a wonderful "edge". If she wanted a different sound to her voice when she's off stage, she could have it. I could help her change the sound of her voice in less than an hour.

What do people feel when they hear your voice?

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