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Mumbling – how to correct it

I'd like to talk to you about something that I have heard from clients is an issue and that is, mumbling. They tell me “my dad says I mumble all the time”, or my boss says I mumble. What I'm hearing from them when they talk to me about it on the phone is that they're not actually mumbling, they are speaking clearly. Of course, they're on their best behavior when they're talking to me, but I think more of the issue is that they're allowing their voices to kind of drop off before they finish their sentences. So, there are a number of vocal coaches that you'll find on YouTube that will tell you exercises to stop mumbling - put a pencil in your teeth and try to talk around that - or open your mouth. Those are very important things to do and you have to concentrate on speaking clearly and enunciate your words. But I think the bigger issue is that you need to

have your voice go beyond your listener. Talk to the back of the room or envision

that because what's happening is that your voice is dropping off before it gets to your listener so things like they're losing the end of your sentence - hear it? They're losing the end of your sentence. Let the voice go all the way through, past the end of your sentence so that everything that you're saying is being heard. Plus open your mouth, use your lips, put a little more work into what you're saying. That should help.

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