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Podcaster - how's your voice?

There are some great podcasts out there and there is some good money being made by podcasters. Are you thinking about starting a podcast?

I searched "how do I start a podcast" and found page after page of advice that told about the equipment you need, the software you need, how to set a format, how to get your podcast distributed and the importance of a good logo. No one talked about needing to have a voice that would draw listeners in and keep them engaged with you!

Have you ever heard the phrase "a great face for radio"? Not a very nice thing to say but you get what it means. Wouldn't you think that it would be important to have a great voice for radio or podcasting?

If you're thinking about doing a podcast, here are some tips from someone who has been on the radio:

1. Keep your jaw parallel to the floor - if you drop or tuck your chin, your voice gets stuck in your throat and the audience can't hear or understand what you're saying

2. Learn how to take a deep, belly breath so you have plenty of air for those long sentences

3. Learn how to breathe silently

4. Imagine moving your voice just past the microphone so every word is heard. Don't drop the end of your sentence.

5. Move your voice around, change the pitch - it will keep your audience engaged

6. Change the volume of your voice once in a whil

If you want to start a podcast and wonder if your voice is ready, you can call me for a free half hour consultation. If you want your voice to sound fantastic, I can help!

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