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Testimonial from Lee



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Testimonial from Erik

Pam was instrumental in helping me develop a more nuanced sound for my voice acting work, as well as learning to protect my voice when teaching for hours on end. I'd highly recommend her for anyone looking to get the most out of their voice!

Testimonial from Kalley Curtis                    SC Johnson Women's Business Council

Pam is engaging, impactful and encouraging. I brought Pam in to SC Johnson to lead an interactive “Be Heard” vocal coaching session for a large group of Women’s Business Council members. She did a fantastic job demonstrating and teaching a variety of exercises focused on developing a powerful voice and building understanding of how different pitches affect your audience. I would highly recommend Pam, as she is able to quickly personalize instruction for a variety of participants and draw on her vast experience to help everyone reach their goals! We hope to have Pam back for future sessions! 

Testimonial from Barry Keller

After the first introductory voice lesson with Pam I was convinced of her competence and her ability to teach others. She has a wealth of experience to draw from and knows how to make the learning experience appealing and worthwhile. I highly recommend her services.

Testimonial from Thiensville-Mequon Rotary Club

Pam presented to the Thiensville-Mequon Rotary Club and gave our group of nearly 40 people a fantastic presentation and demonstration on how we use our voice and things we can do to improve our speaking to help us be heard. Pam offered her knowledge and expertise on how a voice can be trained to make a speaker heard and to not offend the audience, whether talking to a large or small group, in a meeting, with friends, or to our children. Every member of the club in attendance walked away with a better knowledge, understanding, and consciousness about the way we speak that we could not wait to put into practice.


T. Samuel Azinger


Willms-O’Leary, S.C.

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