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Corporate Workshops

Do the employees of your company feel they are not being heard by their coworkers? Are your employees communicating well with your customers? Do your employees need more powerful voices that communicate your brand clearly?

Interactive workshop teaches:

  • Proper posture to open the body to a more powerful voice

  • Correct head position to move the voice out

  • How to breathe more deeply to support a bigger voice

  • How to move the voice to fill the room

  • Why the flow of the voice matters

  • How different registers of the voice affect the listener

  • How to access those registers


"Pam is engaging, impactful and encouraging. I brought her in to SC Johnson to lead an interactive “Be Heard” vocal coaching session for a large group of Women’s Business Council members. She did a fantastic job demonstrating and teaching a variety of exercises focused on developing a powerful voice and building understanding of how different pitches affect your audience. I would highly recommend Pam, as she is able to quickly personalize instruction for a variety of participants and draw on her vast experience to help everyone reach their goals! We hope to have Pam back for future sessions!" - Kalley Curtis, SC Johnson Women's Business Council

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