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Change your voice in an hour

Last night I was telling a friend about my work as a voice coach and told her that recently I heard a woman's voice that was very shrill. At the time I wanted to catch the woman and give her my business card but was unable to.

My friend said a voice like that would probably take a long time to improve and my response was that it would take less than an hour. She was very surprised to hear that.

What I have found is that most people are not aware of how the voice works. They think what they sound like is "just the way it is" and can't be changed. I can understand why they think that as I wouldn't know how to play the clarinet without lessons. The voice is just another wind instrument and you can learn how to "play" it.

A stronger, more beautiful and more nuanced voice can make you more

confident and can help you succeed. Is that worth an hour of your time?

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