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Helping others succeed

A friend told me about a young woman who has been very helpful with all of her banking needs and suggested I go and see her because her voice was pitched very high and was distracting. She thought this person was very good at her job, was helpful and caring and could do better if she sounded better. I did contact this young woman and have met with her several times for voice coaching and her voice is now in a much better range. (Watch for the testimonial video soon!)

When I approached this potential client, I told her that my friend - her client - felt that she was very good at her job and wanted her to succeed. When we met the first time I told her that it was important to me as a feminist that I help young women carry the torch forward. I want young women and young men to succeed. They are our future.

If a young person (20's to early 30's) has developed bad vocal habits like vocal fry or an unnaturally high pitch, they may be pegged as "young" for a long time. If that is the case, they may not be taken seriously and their careers could stall. Vocal fry tends to stop the voice from being heard more than a foot from the speaker, thus, much of what they are saying can't be heard. Many people over 40 are very annoyed by the vocal fry sound which may cause a visceral negative reaction to that person. My client with the high voice told me that she was constantly being asked to repeat herself so she knew she wasn't being heard.

Do you want to help others succeed? If you know that a person's voice can be changed within an hour, would you suggest this coaching to someone? By suggesting this, you are not criticizing, you are helping someone move up in their career. You are enabling them to be heard.

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